Sunday, April 30, 2006

Stash Enchancement

So, there was some major stash enhancement in the last few weeks. It started with the Webs Anniversary sale and went downhill from there.

Then my mom visited and we had some time to kill, so we went to Knit Cafe. I'd never been before, and it was an overall pleasant experience. I ended up with some Pehuen from Arucania in 07 (greens and browns) and 05 (pinks and purples) and some Regia Color for socks. I also picked up Knitting Nature the new book from Norah Gaughan. It is one of the most interesting and beautiful knitting books I've seen in a while. It is a great intersection of math, biology and knitting. I think my first project from it will likely be the Knitaround Leaf Tank, but there are so many gorgeous patterns.

Then, yesterday I visited Stitches From the Heart. I doubt it would ever be my favorite yarn store, but I enjoyed the experience and will go back. The store is a non-profit organization, the proceeds go to provide knitted items for premature babies. They have an interesting selection of yarns. There are a number of the cheaper acrylic, a lot of Berroco yarns, and a wide variety of other stuff, including a pretty large pattern selection.

And, in online stash enhancement, I've been trying to buy the Diagonal Triangle Top from Art Yarns in a store, but hadn't yet found it. I wasn't going to use the suggested (very expensive) yarn, but when I found it online for a good price, with free shipping, no sales tax and 10% off (new customers) I decided to splurge and give it a shot. It was hard to pick a color, but I finally decided on the Pink Dawn. I love the more green/blue colors, but wasn't sure how they'd look with jeans or with black, but the pink dawn should be good with jeans or under a suit.

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