Thursday, April 20, 2006

Smooch Frustrations

I "finished" the Smooch tank the other day, but I'm really not liking the eyelets on one side. The directions were a bit lacking, and just said to reverse the shaping of the other side of the V-neck, but I wasn't really sure how to reverse the YOs and the decreases. The decreases on each side are so different, and it bugs me. A good wet blocking might fix it, but I don't think it will. This thing has languished for so long on the needles, I really want to get it done, but right now I'm just too frustrated.

smooch neck

Right now I can't even remember what I did to get them to look like that it was so long ago. I should go check the blue blog because I think she messed with the eyelets on the trim to make them look the same, so there might be some advice for me there.

Also, I knit the front pieces way too long, and I seamed them with the back about 10 rows below where they actually end.

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