Monday, April 24, 2006

Olive Madness

So, for some reason the two main things I have on the needles right now are olive colored. One is the Biker Jacket in the olive Felted Tweed, and the other is the Minisweater in the olive Noro Lily. Both are getting closer to completion.

I've only got a few more rows to go on the Minisweater before I do the edging and then switch to the sleeves. The pattern has you do the sleeves flat and then seam them, but I think I'll just do them on DPNs. I might also add in a bit of detail like on the sleeves on this Kim Hargraves pattern.

As for the biker jacket, I finished one sleeve, and the body pieces are seamed up. I'm worried the sleeve will be bigger than I want. Looking at the pattern the sleeves are pretty loose, and I'm actually knitting a bit tighter than the suggested gauge (suggested is 18 stitches and I'm getting about 19 per 4 inches). So, just one more sleeve, and then the waist and sleeve bands, then the rest of the seaming, and sewing in the zipper. I've never sewn a zipper in anything, so that is a bit worrisome. I haven't yet bought a zipper, I keep forgetting to take a sample of the yarn when I go to the fabric store. Hopefully it won't be too hard to match, but I may have to make a trip to the Fashion District.

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