Friday, April 14, 2006

MiniSweater Progress

I cast on last Wednesday (on the flight) for Glapyre's Minisweater. I'd been searching for a cardigan or shrug to wear with this dress, but was having a hard time finding something in olive color. I'd just about given up when I remembered that I had some yarn in the color and that I might be able to whip out something quick.

I was hoping to get it finished so I could wear it to a wedding on Saturday, but I realized I'd need to deal with getting a button and I decided that my time should be spent better on school work. But, I'm still progressing along nicely, with the hope of being able to wear it to a wedding over memorial day weekend (yes, it is the season for weddings). I separated out the arms last night and am progressing nicely, so it shouldn't really be a challenge to get it done on time.

Minisweater Progress

Note: The yarn I'm using is Noro Lily that I bought a while back on sale, and I'm loving this yarn. It is so soft and luscious. Bonus note: In real life I don't look that busty and/or lopsided.

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