Sunday, July 27, 2008

Moving on...

My first pair of socks is officially finished! And I managed to make it in under the two year mark. No pictures yet because I didn't have time to get pictures during the good light, but I'll try to get some soon.

In other news (that I think most of the few readers I have already know), I recently resigned from my job. I don't have a new one lined up yet, but this means that I should have plenty of free time to participate in the Knitting Olympics. Now that I've finished the socks, I'm trying to think of what project I want to tackle. I think a whole sweater is a bit ambitious, and I'd like to do something other than socks, so I'm thinking a sleeveless or short-sleeve top. Right now, these are my top contenders:

Diagonal Stitch Top is probably at the top of the list right now.

A sleeve-less version on the (rather boringly named) "Short Sleeve Top #5 from Vogue Knitting Summer/Spring 2005 is also a top contender.

The next possibility is the Flower Back Sweater (I think I'd do the high back version).

Another possibility is Rusted Root, but I actually think I like it better in the long sleeve versions. If I do a short-sleeved one I think I'll do the modified neck as the really high neck usually isn't very flattering on me.

I'd love to knit Coral, but I don't think there's an English version of the pattern out there yet and I don't know anyone who speaks Danish.

I hopefully I'll be able to knit from my stash (the whole no job thing and all), so that may dictate which one of these gets made. I need to do some looking and some swatches.

Anyone else planning to participate in the Knitting Olympics? What are you planning on knitting?