Monday, April 03, 2006

Biker Jacket Seaming

I worked a bit today on seaming the Biker Jacket. Things are going much better after blocking, it makes it much easier to see the stitches I want to sew into.

I'm using the mattress stitch, which I wish I'd taken the time to learn before. I've never done much seaming, the most I did was on the Octopus, and there was so much there, but I didn't really do anything specific. But, now that I've learned the mattress stitch it makes things so much easier and better looking. And, once you get going it actually goes rather quick.

But, I'm having trouble seaming with the yarn I'm using. It keeps breaking, but I'm not sure if that is because the piece was so worn out from being ripped out so many times. I'm going to start over tomorrow with a new piece and hopefully that will work better.

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