Tuesday, October 07, 2008

It's Soktober... Do you know where your DPNs are?

PumpkinsFirst Off, a bit of fall fun with these Felted Pumpkins. Overall a fun, quick knit. I knit them in the round avoid seaming and purling. The lighter yarn is some yarn I dyed a while back with Koolaide.

Now, on to Soktober. It all started well and I finished my Jaywalkers. The second one seems a bit tighter than the first, but hopefully it will loosen up with some time on the blockers. I really enjoyed the pattern, very easy to work on and remember and the results look great, especially given how easy the pattern is.

Jaywalkers Second Jaywalker Heel

I used Regia Strato Color, and it wasn't exactly my favorite yarn. I liked the color, and it looks great knit up, but there were some random stripes of a maroon/burgundy color which just didn't really seem to fit in with the other colors. I think the yarn will produce a comfortable, long wearing sock. However, it really irritated my index finger as the yarn coming from the ball crossed over it; at one point the skin on that finger was peeling from the irritation. I don't think it was an allergy, but more that the yarn is a bit rough and just the constant rubbing was bothering the skin.

So, the Jaywalker's finished, I moved on to some Giftmas sock knitting. I have two lovely colors of Koigu KPPM destined for gifts, but I wasn't sure on the patterns. I finally decided on Monkey Socks for one of the colors. And that's where the problems started. I really hope I haven't caught kbrow's Koigu curse. First problem was that somehow, about half way through the cuff I must have switched directions. With normal 1x1 ribbing this would have been nearly unnoticeable, but with the twisted rib it was noticeable because the twist showed up only on the top or bottom half depending on if you were looking at the inside or the outside. Knowing full well that this is one of those things only knitters would notice, I almost let it go. But since I wasn't that far into the sock (and I'd also accidentally started knitting from the outside of the yarn), I figured I'd just restart.

Failed Monkeys So, I started again, still keeping with the bamboo size 1s (2.25 mm). I did the ribbing, and the first pattern repeat. About half way through the second repeat I was starting to get very frustrated with the blunt tips on the needles and how bendy they were. So I decided to switch to some of my Knit Picks Nickle Plated DPNs. Somehow, I then decided to use the 0s 2.0 mm). I don't really remember how I decided to go down a size, but I think it was because the metal 1s I had were actually 2.5 mm needles (silly Americans and their reluctance to use the metric system).

All I can really tell you is that it was a bad decision. I finished the rest of the leg, and got partway down the heel gusset before I decided to try them on. Now, these are destined for gifts, and the intended recipient has smaller sized feet that me, and much smaller ankles and calves, but they are just way too small, the calf part is extremely tight around my foot and there's no way they'd fit over the heel.

So, now it just sits there, taunting me. I know I need to rip it out and start again, but I just can't bring myself to do so. it is just so pretty, I'm loving the colorway and the pattern, but there's no way they are going to work. Yesterday was the first day in weeks that I haven't knit at all.

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