Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Sock Progress...

I'm back from my trip, and there was a lot of shopping, but not much yarn (and it was all sock yarn, that's not stash, right...?). However, I've made up for that since then with a trip to Isle Knits and an order on I think this might be the first yarn I've purchased in at least a year and a half. Though I may have bought something last year to finish a specific Christmas present.

Most of the rest of my trip was rather relaxing, which meant lots of time to knit. On the flight I had cast on for the Circle Socks, but, as previously alluded to I wasn't happy with yarn/pattern combination.
Circle Socks
I just don't really like how there are stripes within the circles. I love the pattern (other than all the purling on small needles), but it needs a more solid yarn or one where the stripes are wider.

So, that was ripped, and I switched to the ever-popular Jaywalkers. This seems to be the perfect pattern for the socks.
First Jaywalker
I managed to finish the first one while in Washington, other that the Kitchnering the end, which I wanted to wait to get home to do. I knit the suggested length, but I kinda wish they weren't so long. I could rip out a few inches at the top, pickup the stitches and knit the cuff like a toe-up sock, but I'm having a bit of indescision about that. So, while I try to make up my mind, I've stalled a little on the second until I figure out how long to make it.

The first:
First Jaywalker

Second, in progress:
Second Jaywalker, WIP

I do have a few other things going on, and I'm trying to figure out what to do next. What I'd like to do is knit a top for myself, but I should work on Christmas knitting. I'm hoping to get a pair (or two) of socks done and a few felted items, so I should get working on it.

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Opal said...

I love the Jaywalkers! And sock yarn definitely doesn't count as stash.. unless of course it starts to push you out of the house.