Friday, June 09, 2006

Still no knitting to report about. The closest I came was when my little sister (who I (re-)taught to knit in March) called me to help her cast on for a new project. She was on her way to Europe (France and Spain) with my mother, and there I was, stuck at work!!!

She's working on the Bridgetown Belt-Bag from Interweave Magazine (I think it is from the Spring 2006 issue). While a lot of people aren't big fans of the patter (or more the finished object), my sister is a bit of an odd girl when it comes to fashion, and somehow I think she'll be able to carry off this look. I think she wants it for wearing to crazy concerts where she doesn't want to carry a bag (or much clothing in general). Let's see if she actually finishes it. I should have brought my copy of the magazine with me this summer and maybe I could have done one in another color for her.

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