Thursday, June 11, 2009

How I've been spending my time

In case you haven't figured out from the last few posts, I've been kinda focused more on sewing and food lately. Still knitting, but I'm enjoying the libraries selection of food and sewing books. Here's my current stack, which is a great indicator of how I've been spending my time:

Library Books- Or how I've been spending my time

And, here are pictures of yesterday's bread. It was pretty good, but I still really want to work on getting the open, loose crumb (like this). I think the bread may have been a bit over-proofed (which also may have contributed to the lack of oven spring), and maybe not wet enough. The recipe is the San Fransisco Sourdough from Crust & Crumb (though I halved it).

Here is a picture just out of the oven, and you can seen the lack of oven spring as the slashes barely spread during baking.

And here is the crumb (second day). Nice and even, and the loaf was yummy, but I'm still trying to achieve the elusive open crumb.
Inside - still lacking open crumb

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Opal said...

there's the bread! looks nommy. :)