Wednesday, June 10, 2009

A few of the Critters of Nu'uanu

The TV is currently broken, which one would think might increase productivity, but when it comes to knitting, the productivity has actually gone down as most of my knitting was done while watching TV. Currently I can still watch TV on my old 13 inch laptop, or netflix instant on the new 15.5 inch widescreen, but neither are as conducive to knitting as the real TV. I'm still making progress on the WIPs (and one new project which just needs to be felted), but nothing major to report yet. Actually, the Garter Yoke is done, and has even made an appearance at Aloha Knitters, but it has just been too hot to put on an alpaca and wool sweater for pictures.

Instead I've been working more on other projects, including some sewing and more baking and reading. In fact I'm currently waiting for the most recent loaf of sourdough to cool enough to slice.* So, while I wait I thought I'd share some recent pictures of the interesting and/or cute creatures I've been encountering here (and I'll leave out the not so fun encounters I've had). Sorry that some of the pictures aren't great, some were taking quickly and with the only available camera, my phone.

First up are the pair (or sometimes trio) of ducks that seem to have taken up residence in the neighborhood. Upon research I'm pretty sure they are a hybrid of the Hawaiian Duck (koloa maoli) and Mallards. Unfortunately, the Mallards are an invasive species which has interbred with the native duck to the point where there are almost no ducks left that aren't hybrids (except on Kaua'i). And, what is even sadder is that it seems the hybrids are less adapted to the local ecosystem (so much for hybrid vigor).


One of the most vibrant animals we see are these Gold Dust Day Geckos, just like the Geico gecko. Another invasive species, and they appear to be rather localized as friends who live less than 1/2 mile down the valley don't have them.
Here is one hiding in the light outside our front door.

And this guy was being very cute, poking his head up from between the boards.
Gold Dust Day Gecko

Not so vibrant, but these walking sticks are just such interesting creatures. While they move slow, which allowed me to get a better camera, I had a hard time photographing it to show the size and also the features.
Walking Stick
Walking Stick

Last, but not least is the one animal no one thinks we have here: the blind snake. Yep, Hawaii has snakes, but they are tiny and blind. This one was dead (or doing a really good job of playing possum), and pretty big.
Blind Snake

And, since we are talking about animals, I thought I'd share this great flickr group I just found: the Ask a Bishop Museum Scientist. You can upload photos and a Bishop Museum scientist will try to identify the plant or animal (unfortunately, due to funding cuts, it seems they are limited in how much they can do).

Oh, and in actual knitting related blogging.... new knitty!! I haven't had time to puruse fully, but looks promising. I'm particularly intrigued by Tridactyl and the crab is adorable.

*Okay, I'm not really still waiting now. But I was when I wrote this and then I had a lot of trouble getting the last photo off my phone, so it took a while to finish this. And, to report: the bread was pretty much a success, yummy, but I didn't get enough oven spring and am still having trouble achieving the open crumb I want.

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Mokihana said...

What a fabulous post!! I loved seeing all the photos... though where's the B-52 kakaroach and a centipede or two? Heh heh.

Made me homesick seeing your photos; I'd love to see more!