Sunday, June 08, 2008

Lilikoi.... in the yummy form

I picked up this lilikoi fruit in my walk around the neighborhood yesterday. I wasn't sure if it would be ripe, but it was amazingly sweet (for a lilikoi that is). I didn't take my camera with me, so no pictures of the vines and flowers, just the fruit for breakfast this morning.

Just cut

Digging in

All pau
Empty Lilikoi Shells

Alas, no knitting to report. Stopped by Aloha Knitters on Thursday for a few minutes to say hi on my way to pick up food; it was great to see so many people. Welcome back!


Mokihana said...

I stay so ono for da lilikoi!! You're so lucky to have them... thanks for the photos!

Ruth said...

Oh... I've never seen a lilikoi before... but it looks just like a banana passionfruit, except that banana passionfruit are long and thin.

When we were little we used to pick a few of them and scoop them into a bowl and then stir through some powdered milk and eat it with a spoon! Weird I know!