Sunday, February 03, 2008

My First Sock (and a sunset)

It only took about a year and a half of very sporadic knitting (with no knitting done for about a year in the middle), but I have my first sock. I'm not sure I love this pattern with this yarn, and my fat calves stretch it out a bit, but overall I'm happy. Now the goal is not not fall victim to the second sock syndrome.

Pattern: Embossed Leaves, Interweave Knits Winter 2005
Yarn: KnitPicks Essentials Tweed, Plum
Needles: Size 2, Clover Bamboo

Embossed Leaves
Embossed Leaves
Embossed Leaves

And, since I finally got around to uploading pictures, I thought I'd share this one from a few months back of sunset from our apartment.
Sunset from the Apartment

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