Saturday, January 19, 2008


I've been swamped at work lately, so not much knitting other than the few rounds of the Embossed Leaves sock I've been able to pound out at the last few Aloha Knitters in between all the chatting and eating. My knitting lives in my car and only comes out when I'm able to make it to the meet-up. Speaking of the meet-up, its been wonderful the last few weeks, with an abundance of knitters (and crocheters). We've had a a number of wonderful visitors, and the return of some. I'm so grateful for this group (which is sometimes my only escape from work and socializing for the week), and even more in awe of how welcoming they (we?) are.

But, in honor of my hedgehog, which is probably my favorite thing I've ever knit, I just had to share this adorable picture:

Here are two other hedgehog things I randomly found last night while browsing the web:

Found at Rarebirdsfind, Chocolate Hedgehogs:

And, from I Can Haz Cheezburger:
Funny Pictures
moar funny pictures

And, in blue hedgehog news, we just picked up a PS3, and I've been playing Sonic. Maybe I need to knit a blue one in honor.


mysticalfeet said...

This is really funny, in a sad, bizarre way. There seems to be a hedgehog obsession amongst the children at my school, these days. I might have to knit the thing, after all.

Lilikoi Knits said...

It was a really fun, but still easy knit. Good instant gratification knitting!

Acornbud said...

Cute photos. I got to see one a fair one year but they are quit shy, I was told.

debbie said...

guess i need to knit the hedgehog some day after seeing everyone's elses....does that poor hedgehog have casts on his feet/legs?