Tuesday, June 12, 2007


Well, it has been over 6 months since I last updated. When I got engaged I promised myself that I wouldn't use this blog to talk about wedding stuff. And I've kept to that promise. But, the result of keeping to that promise has been that I haven't had anything to blog about. I've done almost no knitting since last summer. A bit on Clapotis, and a bit on the Falling Leaves Socks, and one cat bed (the only thing actually finished- it was a Christmas gift).

We moved (back) to Hawai'i last month, and things have been rather hectic. We've finally found a place to live, but don't move in for 10 more days. I'm studying for the Bar exam, which is at the end of July; I have classes at night, which prevents me from being able to make it to the meet-ups on Thursday night. Other than that, my life is pretty much consumed by wedding planning.

But, I thought I would check in and share this little gem I came across the otherday. From VeganYumYum.com:

Aren't they adorable? Unfortunately, they are made with marzipan, which I find to be one of the worst tasting things out there. But they are cute! Cupcakes and knitting, what more could you ask for? More pictures and a link to instructions here.

And, for cupcake related crafts (instead of craft related cupcakes), check out this thread on craftster.com

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Michelle said...

hey, it is indeed lilikoi season again! welcome back to the island. i've been wonderning how your lace leaf pullover was doing. best wishes for the exam and wedding, and then get yourself back to mj on thursdays!