Monday, December 04, 2006

No wonder there isn't much knitting going on...

I keep losing knitting related things.

Somehow over the move back to California this summer I lost the pattern for the Diagonal Triangle Tank. I can't find a store in California that carries the pattern, and I hate to order just a pattern online. This might be an excuse to order other things, but I'm really trying to not buy more yarn as I contemplate moving everything to Hawaii in May.

I cast on last month for the infamous Clapotis. I've had the yarn (Lion & Lamb in Black Purl) for ages, but every time I think to start on it is when I want a semi mindless pattern for travel knitting, but then I remember that the hanks haven't been wound into balls. Well, in the last trip to Hawaii I decided to just go for it. I knew we'd be spending a lot of time LAX because our flight was canceled (the put us on another flight- but it meant spending 5+ extra hours at LAX and missing the Thursday Aloha Knitters). We wound one hank by hand while standing in line to "check-in" for the cancelled flight. I made decent progress on it, despite not doing much, but then I forgot it at my mom's house over Thanksgiving. I could have her sent it to me, but I should be doing school work (finals!!), so I think I'll just get it over Christmas.

Speaking of Christmas, I've decided not to do too much Christmas knitting (maybe the fact that it is December 4th decided that for me). I need to finish up the slippers I made for my mom which were supposed to be a Christmas gift at least two years ago! They are mostly done, I think I just need to finish sewing on the soles. The only other thing I think I'll attempt is a mobius cat bed (from the Second Treasury of Magical Knitting) since my mom just got a new cat, Max. This leads me to the next knitting thing I can't find: my set of Denise Interchangables. The must be somewhere in the apartment, but I can't find them. I think they are going to have to wait until after finals to be found. Or, I could use this as an excuse to order some of the interchangables from Hmmm....

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mysticalfeet said...

Envious of your Lion and Lamb, even if it isn't in your possession right now! I like that Black Purl colorway!

ARe you on-island right now?

I am cranking along on Rosedale; many thanks for drawing my attention to that cardi!