Saturday, May 20, 2006

Just pictures... No new knitting

Roundabout leaf tank progress

I've been too lazy to do any knitting the last few days, but here is the progress on the Roundabout Leaf Tank I made on the plane this week.

After working on the MiniSweater I was starting to hate purling, so I was concerned that I'd be frustrated with this tank. However, I'm realizing I don't hate purling when it only comes 20 or so stitches at a time. The Minisweater had much longer rows, and the purling was driving me crazy, but this isn't bothering me at all.


sherry said...

Looks great!! gosh, hawaii for 3months?? I am sooo jealous.

tree said...

Hi --

I just won a cone of denim silk on ebay so Roundabout Leaf is going to be my first project too, as soon as the yarn arrives. please keep me posted on errors (hopefully none!) or other tidbits about the pattern as you have a headstart. Also, I don't know about you but my hips are a bit wider than my chest. In reading the pattern it looks like this can be fudged by picking up stitches in the round at more or less intervals than suggested.... what do you think?

Finally, thanks for including me in the kal... you sound like a busy gal and I appreciate your time in putting this together.


Savida said...

Hi -

I sent an email a few days ago asking to be included in the Knitting Nature KAL. I'm not sure if you received it; I've been having issues with my email lately. So I'm also leaving a comment here.


Deena said...

Looks great. I am at the same point with my tank. Two leaves down, many more to go!!