Sunday, May 07, 2006


My clematis finally fully bloomed today. This is supposed to be a vine, but for some reason (probably due a bit to my neglect) the blooms (there is one more bud just behind this one) are coming almost from the main stalk very close to the ground.

Just Starting to Open (Thursday 5/4/06)
Clematis Bloom- Starting to Open

Almost Open (Saturday 5/6/06)
Clematis Bloom- Almost Open

Open! (Sunday 5/7/06)
Clematis Bloom

(and growing below it in the pot is a bit of cilanto from some seeds I sprinkled in)


Anonymous said...

Gorgeous flower!!

Hey, thanks for your comment on my blog about the Knitting Nature-Along! I would love to join! I'll send you an email about it as soon as I decide on what to make (first)!

PS: Thanks for the heads up of your favorite Sam Choy recipe. I'm from Hawaii too, so all his recipes bring back memories of home. :)

hege said...

Gorgeous photos of the clematis! I had never caught the bud at that stage before.