Monday, March 16, 2009

Excursions in Stash Busting

I'm really trying to knit only from my stash. It helps with the wallet and helps with the space issues in the apartment. But, one of the side effects is that I they buy patterns to work with stash yarn.

I've been spending a lot of time looking at the photos of my stash on Ravelry, trying to find inspiration. A lot of the yarns that haunt me are variegated yarns I bought, but now can't find something to make them into. Some were bought we I first started knitting, but for many there just isn't an excuse.

One of these is some Berocco Calico that I bought at Stitches from the Heart (okay, maybe my excuse is that it was for charity). I've been searching for something to make with the Calico and I keep coming back to Pismo. It is one of the few patterns I was able to find which (1) looked good in the yarn, (2) was something I might actually wear, and (3) was something I have enough yarn.

I wasn't planning on buying the booklet now, but just wanted to see if it was out there and how much. However, with the assistance of the ever helpful Google, I was able to find it at The Knitting Zone for $2.99 (regular price $6.00). Turns out they are reducing most of their inventory to focus on wholesale distribution on Hiya Hiya needles, and their patterns (other than downloads) were all marked down tremendously.

I have a hard time passing up sales, and a hard time paying shipping on one small item, so, after some browsing, I was able to find a few more patterns that I "needed." But I was good and resisted the yarn. Over all, I got 6 patterns/booklets/magazines for under $30. The shipping wasn't cheap, at over $11, but still it was a great deal. And the shipping was so fast, I put in my order late Thursday night (Friday for most of the country) and the package arrived today. Here's what I got:

Fiber Trends Patterns, Felt Alpacas and Llamas (207), Gotta get a Gecko (233), and Felt Koala(205)

Berroco Booklet #241, Berroco Booklet #278, Rebecca #31

And, just to show that I actually have been doing some knitting, here are the baby socks I just knit. The pattern is the Little Sky Learning Sock from Cat Bordhi, and I can't wait to try the technique on a sock for me. I used some Cascade Cotton Rich that I had one skein of in my stash (that I think may have come from a swap). It probably wasn't the best yarn for this, as it wasn't very stretchy which made some of the decreases and other techniques a hassle, but it was just sitting there and since the intended baby (no, not mine!) is here in Hawaii, the cotton seemed appropriate.


I think I'm going to start the Felted Koala, also using stash yarn, to give with the socks. Hopefully I can get one done by this weekend when the baby shower is.


Anonymous said...

OMG... I just went and looked at your stash!!! You are almost at 300... OMG... girl, you got a lot! ;P

I suggest gifting out your yarn (wink wink). Tee hee - that would bring down the amount.

Tina said...

might i suggest baby caps? they are useful, even in hawaii!

Mokihana said...

I just got that gecko pattern too! Can't wait to make it!