Wednesday, July 12, 2006


I cast on last week for the Diagonal Triangle Tank. After trying my size 7 Denises, I decided to go down a size and switch to bamboo. The silk yarn sticks a bit on the Addi Naturas I'm using (I normally use Clovers, but all those are in California for the summer), but it is so much better than the Denises were.

I haven't made much progress, but it is moving along. The yarn is so lucious, and the colors are wonderful. The pattern, at least so far is pretty basic, and good TV knitting. I have very high hopes for this project and this pattern.

I started the Diagonal Triangle Tank because I need to figure our what I'm going to do with the Round About Leaf Tank. I have an idea to add a bit of shaping to it, but I need to work out the details a bit more. I'm thinking about adding in some short rows to add waist shaping on the rounds near the waist. I've never done short rows (except in the Fibertrends Felted clogs- but those were different) so I'm a bit nervous about it all. But, I'll just have to add a lifeline and remember that I can always just rip back. More details about what I pan to do and/or how it works out should show up in a post here or at least on the KAL.

Pictures of my progress on both of these should be coming soon. My camera made it back from Germany, and should be on its way from California to Hawaii now.

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